Bradley Cantrell

bradley.jpgI grew up a creative child with a family that inspired and supported me. Ever since I was young my dad taught me to use tools and build things, I loved drawing, painting, creating even if it was making messes. I remember in middle school for some reason my parents let me completely ruin my room walls with splattering paint and creating art in my room for a couple years. It wasn’t until High School that I took a photo class that sparked my interest in the art of photography. The semester after I graduated high school I started classes at Pellissippi in the only thing I was interested in; Photography. Over the next couple years I learned a lot and made some great friends. Before graduating with an Associates degree I had the opportunity to study abroad in Scotland; having only traveled 8 hours to the beach this was a life changing experience for me. Of course this made me only want to travel more, and led to me spending two months traveling and photographing South Korea the next year. In October of 2015 I got my first film camera; a Mamiya c330 twin lens medium format camera. I currently am shooting 35mm, 120mm, and 4x5 film, I try to get out and shoot something every week or push myself with personal projects every month. I am a founding member at the Knoxville Community Darkroom where I develop and print my own film. Learning to shoot film was a game changer in my creativity and photography in general. I am 22 years old, I work with my dad at our family business here in Knoxville, I do plan to travel and experience parts of this world many people may never see, I will always be a photographer in love with photography.