David Luttrell

david.jpgI've been a photographer for over 40 years, got the bug when I was 18. Drifted into Architecture a bit in college but the smell of Dektol and Fixer was too much of an aphrodisiac. I started with the larger cameras and worked my way down to a Nikon and several lenses and then back up again. I was a TVA photographer in the 80's and became fascinated with their archive of Lewis Hine's negatives that he shot in the early years of the agency. I did commercial work after that. Studio, lights, sheet film, Polaroid, assistants, art directors, etc., ......been there, done that. Digital comes along and a 3 megapixel camera was a big deal. So was Photoshop and everything that goes with it. You adjust and grow. And over the years I've had some wonderful adventures following this passion. Whether its images made with an iPhone or images made unconventionally such as using a scanner, I wanted to strip away the technical aspects of creating a photograph and concentrate on the subject in a way that bridges our current digital means of capturing a moment to the more studied and time consuming effort of using a larger format camera. Not many people shoot with their iPhone on a tripod and use a cable release.