Shannon Johnson



I am a Knoxville, TN based mixed media painter. I received my degree in art from the University of Tennessee. Originally from Santa Monica, CA, I spent most of my childhood exploring the coastline and surrounding hills and mountains of southern California with my camera or sketchbook in hand.  When I wasn’t outside I spent many happy hours alone in my room drawing and painting. Not much has changed except now I have a studio and I traded the California coast and hills for the Smoky Mountains, a husband, three kids and a granddaughter. Nice trade.


Nature is my biggest inspiration. The organic shapes, textures and colors have always given me peace and filled me with wonder.  My art is a balance between allowing the medium to do what it naturally does with gentle guidance and self-expression. It is a meditative process and a balance between harmony and contrast, simplicity and accumulation, and stillness and motion. In my work I want to evoke the sense of peace and harmony I experience in nature. I hope my art has a calming influence on whoever sees it.
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