Daniel Bowles

200x200image0.jpgEver since I was young, I have been drawn to art, creativity, and the outdoors.  Throughout the years, the natural world and beauty of creation has shaped and become the inspiration for the artwork I create.  Once studying the use of fluidity, control, and color in watercolors, these tools helped me mimic what I saw in nature so that I could put it onto paper and never forget the wonders of the world I am seeing around me.  From that point on, I have loved watercolor, and I especially enjoy depicting one of God’s most fabulous creations: animals.  Capturing every imaginable color and unimaginable shape of their form, I take pleasure in displaying every detail that I can find.  I use the gifts that God has given me, portraying my love of His creation in the work that I do.  The artistry of nature is magnificent.