Our story


Art from the Hills (AFTH) is an Artists Cooperative born from lots of thinking and planning from Tony Long of Tweek Imaging in the East Tennessee hill country. For years Tweek Imaging has existed for many client types but one thing always remained—meeting, be-friending and working with artists to reproduce their work to share with others. Tony and his staff have 30+ years of combined work experience in the reproduction/printing industry. Not to mention Tony has been a photographer and printer of his own work since 1978.

One thing AFTH always strives to do is to honor the artists and their creative process. We work as a team to reach their goals. One way we do that is by giving every artist 50% commission of all sales. Where does the other 50% go? Well, that goes to providing you with impeccable products and services. We help with marketing, printing and shipping. We can provide reproduction services through Tweek Imaging, keeping all that we do under one roof.

We work with our artist to choose the media and finishing options that compliment their art. We use archival inks and our media is acid free and ph neutral (unless noted).

We’ve worked with regional artists for years and wanted to build a site that was helpful and easy to use for their local clients, but as we’ve gone through this process, we’ve quickly realized that there are no boundaries for artists that can be propelled by this site.

We know what it’s like to have to take creative energies and force them to do things like printing and shipping…we want that mental energy to go back to our artists’ creation processes. AFTH is here to take that extremely important busy work off the artist's plate and return to you a perfect product that you will love with one click of a button.

Our goal is to provide reproductions that will last and art that will please through careful curating of our offerings.