Gwyn Pevonka

gwynpevonkaprofile.jpgI am an artist, focusing on the intricacies of everyday life. The majority of my life I've worn many hats, had many titles, and if anyone asked me what I would be most happy doing, I would answer being an artist. I wish I could spend all hours of my day in studio. I invite you to join me on the pursuit of that dream.

What excites me most about what I make is that I'm on a path of discovery and exploration of paint as subject, object, material, and texture. 

 The paintings have great depth, their surfaces have 100s of layers of paint. It wasn't until I carved my first gouge that I was hooked. I was able to reveal the history of the painting and what was locked within. The piece had innocence and potential to be something heroic, and full of information and wonder. My love for exploring paint as object is still fueled by that single gouge, however I manipulate the pieces surface with new tools and applications. 

I have two bodies of work; my carvings which for the most apart are my abstracts, with an occasional landscape here and there and my assemblages which are my mermaids, girls with flowers, and animals. My assemblages are made primarily of paint, I reuse the excess that has been carved away from my abstract paintings to create more textures that invites you to play and interact physically and emotionally with the pieces. 

I love to play with color, line and texture. In my current work I am exploring paint as texture. It really is something you have to see, touch and experience. I invite you to come enjoy this new body of work, there is something for everyone.