Patti Long

patti.jpgHi! My name is Patti Long, mother of 2, bonus mom of 1, fur-mom to an old papaw Golden, a stubborn Doodle, and a kind-hearted Aussie Doodle. Wife to a husband I think is dreamy! I am Cheerful Heart Art! My love affair with art began as a child, when I was given a book on Van Gogh. This began a lifelong passion for painting! I went on to study at Belmont University, since graduating I have worked with many creatives in my career ranging from advertisers to toy makers to printers. The biggest lesson I learned while working with these dreamers - I wanted to pursue my dreams too! After becoming a mom, I began to create Valentine cards - because I could never get my act together to send Christmas cards! Birthday and Celebration cards followed, and my dream began to blossom. A heart for children, animals, and all things colorful and happy flow throughout my art with a heart featured in every piece. I paint these creations with vivid watercolors and create layers upon layers of color. My hope is that my cheerful and whimsical art will bring a smile to your face, and a lightness to your soul.